Religious Education

Welcome to the St. Joseph Religious Education Program. Through this ministry and in partnership with parents, we have been given the opportunity to help strengthen families and pass on faith, by learning together what it means to be Catholic. Parents who have enrolled a child in our program have shown a commitment to their child’s faith life. By working together, and supporting one another’s efforts, we assist parents in keeping that commitment. 

RE Class: 4:30-5:45 p.m. Wednesdays.

Our Catechists give of their time and talents and grow in faith with our students and their families. 

To live in Christ, is to decide each day to live as active, committed members of the Catholic Church and use our gifts and talents to give the best of ourselves to others. 

The RE program focuses on the main parts of the faith, including the Trinity, morality and the sacraments.

We recognize parents as the first and foremost teachers of their children in faith and morals

RE Masses are celebrated regularly at St. Joseph Church. Students attend during class time and parents are most welcome to come and worship too!

RE Coordinator: 

Anita Lovell 

RE Office: