Eucharist Ministry Training Form

Thank you for your interest in being a Eucharistic Minister at St. Joseph's. Please attend the upcoming training session. In the meantime, we ask that you complete the folowing form for us to input you into our scheduling system and as a way of registering for the training. Please click "Submit" when you are finished.

St. Joseph Parish uses online scheduling software. This software has made scheduling of the altar servers, Eucharistic ministers, hospitality ministers and lectors more efficient at our parish and keeps families together for ministry at weekend services.

The software has many great features, including regular e-mail reminders about your schedule and access to a web terminal that will show you when you are scheduled, allow you to request subs and let the parish know when you cannot be scheduled. It really has become a handy tool for parents and all liturgical ministers!

Please complete the following form and then come to the upcoming training session. You will receive your username and password soon, along with other pertinent information. Schedules are also available at the ministry table in the back of church and the upcoming weekend’s schedule is always printed in the Sunday bulletin.

Contact Information
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Mass Time Preference
Please put 1 by the Mass you usually attend ... Or for more than one Mass ... Type 2, 3 with 1 being most preferred, 2 being next preferred, etc. But, only indicate times you might consider coming to Mass.
4:00 pm Saturday
8:30 am Sunday
11:00 am Sunday
Other Family Members in Liturgical Ministry
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We try to keep family members together for ministry at a given service if possible. Do you have immediate family members who are altar servers, Eucharistic ministers, hospitality ministers, lectors? Please type their name(s) here:
Upcoming Dates Cannot Serve at Mass
Please type any dates in the coming weeks and months that you cannot serve. You will always be able to update this when you start using the online scheduler.