Hospitality Changes

FAQ about New Liturgical Practices for Hospitality Ministers

When should our Hospitality Ministers arrive at church? To be able to greet as many worshippers as possible, please arrive about 30 minutes before the start of Mass. The idea is always being a welcoming presence, seeing to the needs of the assembly as well.

Should Hospitality ministers read the bulletin before beginning their duties? Yes. There is always pertinent information about programs and activities of the parish, including calendar of that particular weekend’s events. Knowing about this info can be extremely helpful in fielding questions from those looking for help at Mass. 

Are there any changes for Hospitality at this time? Yes, just one. At the Offertory … When hospitality sees Father is ready to receive the Gifts they will send the gift bearers up with the bread and wine (Homebound Communion tray) and the food basket. Once the gifts have been given to Father and servers, gift bearers can bow, and return to their seats. Collection will take place as usual and once completed, a hospitality minister will take the basket with the envelopes and money up the side aisle by the choir and all the way to that side of the altar and place that basket.

Are we counting the people in attendance this fall? Yes. As in previous years, we have again been instructed by the Diocese of Joliet to do a count of the people attending Masses in October. This helps the diocese in accumulating stats of our region and numbers for assessing our CMAA goal and more. This year we are going to have four hand-held clickers at the doors and we are asking Hospitality to do the count as people enter the building.  A space for the numbers will be by each hospitality minister’s name on the sign-in sheet on the table in back of church.

Revised 10-03-19