Lector Changes

FAQ about New Liturgical Practices for Lectors

What happens if there is no deacon at the Mass? Lector 1 will be asked to take part in the opening procession, carrying the Book of the Gospels. Bow when you get to the sanctuary step and proceed to the altar steps … go up the front steps and place the book on the altar. Lector 2 will be asked to return to the sanctuary during the Creed to read the Prayers of the Faithful. If at all possible, we will tell these ministers beforehand that no deacon will be present at Mass. We will also e-mail the Prayers of the Faithful for you to practice.

When should the lectors go to the ambo to begin when we have My Time with Jesus at Mass? Children’s Liturgy is held at 8:30 and 11 a.m. Sunday Masses. If you see the book on the presider’s chair or see that the facilitator has signed in then you will know this ministry is taking place at that Mass. When the children and facilitator begin processing out follow behind them and take your positions. This will eliminate a noticeable gap in the action of the Mass and make the procedure more fluid and timely.     

Should Lector 2 do something with the Lectionary after the Second Reading? Yes. Place the book on the shelf in the ambo. This will make it easier for the priest or deacon to situate the Book of the Gospels for the Gospel reading.

When should the lectors go back to their pews? Immediately after the book is placed on the shelf inside the ambo, the lectors will walk together to the center aisle, bow and take their places in the assembly. (Sitting back down before the Alleluia is no longer encouraged). We believe this change will help the liturgical flow at this point in the Mass.  

Revised 10-03-19